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What is the Property Mastermind Affiliate Program?
Our Affiliate Program has been created to reward affiliate partners for students they introduce to Property Mastermind.
At Property Mastermind we prefer to rely on affiliate partners to spread the word about our life-changing program and pay them for their support rather than spend more and more money on online advertisements.
Our Property Mastermind programs hold appeal to most Australians with an interest in property, so if you have a client base, email list, or perhaps have influence within certain networks then our Affiliate Program may be very beneficial to you.

On which referrals do affiliate partners get paid?
Affiliate partners are paid for new students they introduce to Property Mastermind who purchase one of the following our products or programs.
Please note affiliate partners will not be paid for students who are already on our database or students that may have been introduced prior to joining our affiliate program.

How much do affiliate partners get paid?
Affiliate partners are paid 20% of the revenue received by Property Mastermind for students they refer. If an affiliate partner isn’t registered for GST then we will deduct the GST component and remit the balance of the commission

When do affiliate partners get paid?
Affiliate partners are paid their commission on or around the 10th day of each month.

How do I refer people to you?
Once you join our affiliate program we will provide you with collateral to help advertise our program to your clients including articles, ebook, email copy, social media posts etc.

How do you track my referrals?
When providing you with collateral to help you advertise our program we also provide you with a unique tracking link which ensures your clients are tagged as your referrals once they join the Property Mastermind database.

How do I join your affiliate program?
If you believe in Property Mastermind’s programs and think your clients or network could benefit, you can Sign Up now. We will contact you to discuss the next steps.